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supporting inclusion and diversity in media and society

Which strategies can help forge common values between different groups, in an increasingly fragmented public sphere?

Transcultural skills – curiosity, empathy, freedom from prejudice, ability to accept ambiguity and complexity – facilitate meaningful interactions, across virtual or physical platforms.

The ability to focus on similarities, rather than differences, and to define shared interests and common values across cultural and national borders, can be apprehended and become a key element of success (or survival) for an organisation, a community or an individual. 

Consulting, research and articles on community media, journalism, media diversity, transcultural communication, migration, inclusion, Islam, gender issues.

Project development and management for international organisations, media, NGOs and corporations. Organisation and moderation of conferences and panel discussions.

Workshops and training on diversity inclusion, transcultural competencies, media development, freedom of expression, and strategic communication.

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