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Nadia Bellardi

Owner and consultant

Passionate about media and communication in all their forms, I grew up between Italy and Germany and later worked and studied in Belgium, France and Spain. It has become natural for me to regard cultures and identities as heterogeneous and dynamic, in constant transformation through interaction with others.


My expertise is in media projects and research covering migration, inclusion, diversity, Islam and gender issues. I hold an MA in Political Science from Università Cattolica, Milan, with a dissertation on the history of the women's emancipation movement in Turkey and a post-graduate MA Degree in Cultural Mediation from Venice University.


Non-profit, local community media, and radio, in particular, are my favourite companions. In the management team of Radio LoRa, broadcasting since 1983 in over 20 languages, I supported communications and intercultural radio projects from 2005 to 2010. As Vice President of CMFE Community Media Forum Europe, I led advocacy and media policy work for the European non-profit media sector from 2008 to 2015. Since 2018, I have been a member of the Board of the Swiss Foundation for Radio and Culture SRKS/FSRC, headquartered in Bern, supporting radio creativity through training, productions, cultural events and projects in the field of radio broadcasting.


My aim is to broaden the relevance of transcultural competencies in media, technology and society, with a focus on journalism and digital communication. Media can play a significant role in advancing public discourse around inclusion and diversity. As a project consultant and media expert for international organisations, NGOs and public administrations across Europe, I advocate for freedom of expression and critical media literacy. I also have over 15 years of experience in public relations and strategic communication in the private and non-profit sectors.


As an independent expert and rapporteur at the Council of Europe Committee of Experts on Quality Journalism in the Digital Age, part of the Steering Committee on the Media and Information Society (CDMSI), I co-drafted the Recommendation on promoting a favourable environment for quality journalism in the ​digital age. I speak regularly at conferences and events about media in transition and the impact of social media and algorithms on freedom of expression.

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